Austin Roof Warranties

How Roofing Warranties Work

At LoveRain Roof Company, we want to make this simple and easy by offering the types of warranties you expect to have. First we only align ourselves with the top manufacturers. Because of our reputation, tenure in the roofing business and continuing education, we have earned the certifications needed to be able to offer our clients warranties on their roof systems that are all inclusive. Whether it be a shingle roof, a TPO roof or a restoration of an existing roof, we can offer Non Prorated Warranties that cover the materials and/or the workmanship for terms ranging from 10 years to 50 years. You can have peace of mind because these warranties are backed by the oldest, most trusted manufacturers in the roofing and coatings industry. When we install a system with a non prorated warranty, your roof will qualify to be registered and inspected by the manufacture to guarantee proper materials were used and installation was done correctly. When you have the best contractor install your roof with the best materials, simple maintenance will ensure you continue to Love The Rain for many years to come.

Warranties can be a little confusing. As consumers, we are all solicited by various companies offering warranties on everything from our homes and autos to our mattresses to our tires or even a screw driver we purchase at a hardware store. They can seem very gimmicky and usually have a long list of exclusions. Roofing warranties are no different. When we hear “lifetime warranty” or “10-50 year warranty”, its important to understand what that means. Here is a breakdown of the different warranties and how they work.

First off, there are two main aspects of a warranty. There is “material defect” warranty and a “workmanship” warranty. To make things slightly more confusing, there is also a “labor” warranty, but it’s important to know that a labor warranty falls under the materials and is not to be confused with a workmanship warranty.

Material defects

So lets break these down. All roofing materials come with a prorated manufacturers warranty on the product. This free, prorated product/material warranty is in place to cover material defect. Basically, the manufacturer says that their product was made free of defects, however if a defect were to occur during a certain timeframe, they will replace the materials or refund the money you spent on them. In most cases, they will also pay for the “labor” required to remove and replace the defective product. This free warranty being prorated means the amount of coverage you get is reduced every day after you purchase the product. For example, if the product fails relatively soon after its installed, you would have close to 100% coverage and the manufacturer would likely pay for all new materials and the labor to install them. Now, let’s say the product fails after a few years. Although, it’s still within the “lifetime” or the “20 years” or whatever material warranty they offer, proration has occurred and there is no longer 100% coverage. Depending on the materials, the prorated term varies. It may be as long as 10 years on certain shingles but may only be 1 year on certain low slope or flat roof materials. Once proration starts, this usually means there is no more labor warranty included so if your roofing materials fail after a few short years, you would only receive a small percentage of the materials needed and labor would no longer be included. This means you are paying to remove the defective product and install the new product. You are also responsible for disposal of the old defective materials as well as any components needed to properly install the new materials. All in all, the free material warranties can be misleading.


So, that’s material and labor warranties. What about workmanship? This is very important because when roofs fail, they normally fail due to workmanship errors and not material defects. When a roof is installed, the contractor offers a warranty. This warranty is for their workmanship. It’s often referred to as their labor so to make it simple, workmanship, whether good or bad is still labor. In the eyes of the manufacturer, labor is necessary to install their products. In the eyes of the contractor, labor is the term used for their workmanship, regardless of how well they do it.

We offer full NDL guarantees that cover all materials and all workmanship with no pro-ration to worry about. NDL means “no dollar limit” which is the strongest warranty you can get. Here you can see how our residential and commercial warranties protect your roofing system against manufacture defects and workmanship errors with a leak proof promise.

Shingle Warranty selection guide infographic